Examples of implementation of PPP

Public – private partnership is a relatively young form of cooperation public and private sector in Poland, but in the world it functions already very successfully for years. In Poland, you can also find some very successful investments Public – Private.

Solec Zdroj

Solec Zdroj is a perfect example of the implementation of PPP. It was a large project to revitalize the old spa town of Solec-Zdroj, including the construction of new geothermal pools. After the lay public partner to provide land and deal with the formalities, while the private investor undertook the renovation, construction and revitalization of the area. We found it very good and the idea struck.


An example of a successful PPP is the activity of Local Government through Opole, which managed just in this system open many new nurseries and kindergartens, for which there was strong demand in the city.